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Compress your clothes for travel, leisure and sports!


Official character "Petagon"


A compression bag that anyone can easily compress and carry around for everyday use.

According to our survey, more than 3 out of 4 working people in their 20s to 50s want to go out with the smallest bag possible when going on a business trip or excursion. 73% of the respondents answered that "clothes such as changing clothes are bulky and troublesome".
In addition, in the recent health boom, many office ladies and office workers go to yoga classes and training gyms on their way home from work, and there is an increasing need to "carry clothes and towels compactly."

圧縮袋 スポーツ
圧縮袋 ビジネス

"PETAKO" was developed to solve such problems.

The size is 35 cm in length and 30 cm in width. This is based on the "just right size" that is easy to put in without rolling it into a bag. You can store 2 bath towels, 2 T-shirts for clothing, shorts, and socks. After storing, you can easily compress it in a short time of about 1 second just by sitting from above.

PETAKO is a Japanese-made clothing compression bag made under strict quality control, from materials to design and packaging.


"Check valve structure" prevents air from returning and prevents air from returning .
"Embossed" allows smooth storage!

We are particular about the design and materials of the main body.

The design uses a "check valve structure (patented manufacturing method)" to prevent the return of air.

The film material that has been "embossed (registered as a utility model)" is a sturdy material that has been carefully selected. It is hard to shake, so you can use it over and over again.


With its high-quality softness and ease of winding, it can be taken in and out smoothly even in a bag.

Of course, the slider is already installed.

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⑵Check valve structure

Patented manufacturing method)

Highly sealed chuck

Highly sealed chuck that does not open even when sitting

Opaque specifications

Double-sided opaque silver

圧縮袋 拡大図

⑴ Embossing
(Registered utility model)

⑴ Embossing

①Easy to put in and take out clothes

By embossing the adhesive area of clothing is reduced and the frictional force is reduced.

② Easy to wind

By embossing the body itself becomes supple and easy to wind.

⑵Check valve structure

High airtightness due to check valve structure

A high degree of sealing is achieved by the backflow prevention structure with thread and heat seal. Due to the shorter path length compared to the maze type, the compression time is greatly reduced.


Petako is​ It's surprisingly easy to compress. It is possible to compress instantly just by putting clothes in a compression bag.


Put in a compression bag

Fold the well-dried clothes clean and put them in a compression bag.
Please open the chuck part by hand. (* The slider is used when closing the compression bag)



Ride slowly on the compression bag, it can be easily compressed.

Compression complete

Round the remaining air

If air remains, it is possible to bleed the air by rolling it in from the chuck side.
* If the corner part is bent and the air does not escape well, flatten it.


When the slider comes off ...  

If the slider comes off,
Push the middle plate between the chucks as shown in the figure.



Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the product.

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